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Yippy, Inc. (OTCBB:YIPI) A Good Stock to Buy?

Shares in Yipi, Inc. (OTC:BB YIPI) are down 8% in today’s trading session on heavier than normal trading volume. The Company provides secure, family friendly, online web destinations and services such as search, browser, email, cloud applications and storage to family PCs, learning institutions and libraries.

Recent News Announcements

The Company announced on May 3rd that its common stock will transition from the OTC Pink tier of the OTC marketplace and will begin trading on the quality-controlled OTCQX U.S. trading platform, effective Friday, May 4, 2012.

The OTCQX U.S. tier distinguishes the highest quality-controlled companies traded over-the-counter from more than 9,000 securities traded on the OTC Bulletin Board and OTC Link platform that are not required to meet any additional financial standards or undergo a formal qualitative review. The OTCQX U.S. also offers a level of marketplace services formerly available only on the top U.S. exchanges, further distinguishing Yippy and its ongoing commitment to achieve the highest quality standards possible. This investor-friendly platform provides superior trading information and easy access through all major online and full-service U.S. brokerage firms. Trades are settled and cleared in the U.S. similar to any NASDAQ or NYSE security, and trade reports are disseminated through most financial data providers.

Recent Financial Statement Highlights

The Company’s primary business encompasses multiple activities culminating in the design, development, deployment and provisioning of cloud computing solutions enabled through an applications services environment that has been fully developed and integrated by the company. This applications services environment includes software applications, entertainment content, advertising, datacenter infrastructure, and client support for our business that is focused initially on the family and youth market. Paramount to this focus is that YIPI provide a safe, secure, and respectful internet that is largely devoid of the content not appropriate for our target users (families and their children). As such it is the Company’s intent to actively filter such content.

YIPI’s current geographic focus is in North America, specifically the home market of Southwest Florida. Through the reporting period the Company has successfully deployed a beta version of its applications environment and performed extensive testing and field trial reviews in order to ensure initial release of a production version.
Through the reporting period, the Company announced and executed upon several major acquisitions in terms of both human talent and business capability that will be critical to the operation on a go forward basis.

Source: YIPI 10Q Filing April 20, 2012

Stock Chart and Trading Highlights

YIPI Stock Chart


30 Day Percent Change: 153.81
30 Day Moving Average: 0.2677
30 Day Average Volume: 37,897

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