Hot Penny Stocks

3 Hot Penny Stocks to Watch

Here is a rundown on the hot penny stock breakouts today:

ISM International, Inc. (Pinksheets ISML)

The stock is breaking out in today’s trading session with a gain of 57% and trading volume over 3 million shares.  The Company announced today that is has acquired  Instigator Studios which produces motion pictures and TV commercials. “Instigator Studios takes pride in being “Guerilla Filmmakers”. Imagination, creativity and thinking “outside the box” are just of few of the attributes that set Instigator Studios apart from the rest, says Ray Martinez, Writer, Director and Producer of Once Upon a Time in Tampa, Repo Man, Bikini Monsters, Question of Ethics, Our Fathers Legacy, Turning Point.

Stock Market Data:

30 Day Percent Change: 92.00

30 Day Moving Average: 0.0549

30 Day Average Volume: 117,500


Roadships Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: RDSH)

Shares in RDSH are up over 40% today on over 15 million shares of volume.  We would love to tell you some recent news about the Company… but there is none.  Be careful with this one.

Here is the key number from the Company’s most recent filing on April 16:

“Revenues were nil for the year ended December 31, 2011 versus 2010.  Although we attempted several acquisitions during 2011 to augment revenues sources, none was successful.  Revenues were $13,636 for the year ended December 31, 2010 with costs of sales of $16,215, leading to gross margins of negative $2,579.”

The Numbers:

30 Day Percent Change: 60.00

30 Day Moving Average: 0.0433

30 Day Average Volume: 139,966


Liquid Metal Technologies (OTC:BB LQMT)

We posted on this Company yesterday and it isn’t disappointing anyone today.  The stock is up over 34% with 9 million shares of volume. This is an interesting Company with a unique patent portfolio and we will be keeping an eye on this one over the coming weeks.

If you weren’t aware, Liquidmetal will transfer almost all of its intellectual property assets to a newly created special-purpose, wholly owned subsidiary. The said subsidiary granted Apple a perpetual, worldwide, fully paid, exclusive license to commercialize Liquidmetal’s intellectual property in the field of consumer electronic products in exchange for a license fee. The two companies have not disclosed the terms of the deal.

This stock actually has something behind the hype and is certainly worth adding to the watch list.

LQMT Recent Perfomance

30 Day Percent Change: 23.45

30 Day Moving Average: 0.1875

30 Day Average Volume: 2,590,790

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